Sai Arora

Founder & CEO

Sai brings a decade of B2B SaaS experience having held variety of different roles across both Go-To-Market and Product organizations within Silicon Valley. Sai has created and scaled high-volume onboarding experiences at Gusto, mid-touch onboarding experiences at Talkdesk, and high-touch enterprise onboarding experiences at Magento (sold to Adobe, Inc).

Blog Posts

How B2B Client Onboarding Automation Can Save Time and Increase Efficiency

How Simplemnt’s onboarding automation tools help you bring on new customers faster, eliminating delays and easing burdens on your team

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How can we fix B2B Customer Onboarding?

We explain how we can fix Customer Onboarding

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How is Customer Onboarding handled today?

An overview of how most B2B SaaS organizations handle Customer Onboarding today

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What is Customer Onboarding?

A quick deep-dive into what Customer Onboarding is

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Segmenting your Client Onboarding Process

Find out how customer onboarding differs across SMB, Midmarket and Enterprise customers

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Roadster takes the express lane to reduce time to value

Learn how Roadster productized their onboarding experience and reduced their customer's time to value from months to days.

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Convince your C-suite to build a portal for customer onboarding

Incentivize your product team to Productize your Onboarding Process.

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Why most SaaS teams don’t get Productized Onboarding

Product teams never seem to prioritize Customer Onboarding. Why?

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Spreadsheets make your SaaS implementation a management nightmare

Find out why using a spreadsheet for your Customer Onboarding process is holding your customer experience back and what you can do about it.

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Sales to Customer Success Handoff - Best Practices for SaaS

Find out how to increase renewals and customer retention with these Sales to Customer Success Handoff best practices for SaaS startups.

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