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How Roadster reduced customer time to value from six weeks to 16 days

"We scaled our team’s capacity and speed without sacrificing the customer experience or having to increase headcount."
Kevin Lorell
VP of Customer Success
Decrease in Customer time to Value
Doubled agent capacity to 40 projects per agent
New customers onboarded in the past year
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    Automotive, Internet, E-commerce
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    San Francisco, CA

The Company

Roadster is a commerce platform for car dealerships that turns buying cars in-store, at home, or on the go into an intuitive, modern, and efficient experience. They’re also one of our earliest customers. The team at Roadster is obsessed with helping the car dealerships they serve to create an incredible customer experience.

The Challenge

When we met Kevin Lorell, VP of Customer Success at Roadster, his team was experiencing the issues that come with giving customers a non-productized onboarding process.

"Our onboarding process took over 6 weeks of coordinating and gathering data amongst multiple stakeholders on our customers’ side. " 

To make matters worse, Roadster was going through a phase of unprecedented growth.

We’re in this great growth mode at Roadster but our onboarding just wasn’t ready to scale to support it. A large amount of my team’s time went into recollecting data we may have already captured in the sales process. Along with this, we didn’t always know which stage of the onboarding process our customer was in.

Kevin was determined to close what he perceived as a huge gap in the customer experience his organization was providing: 

Kevin was so bought into the idea of productizing onboarding, that he led an initiative to have a productized onboarding experience designed internally. Like everything about the Roadster brand, the experience was modern and elegant with a luxurious feel. It felt like a proper extension of their brand and was congruent with the story they’d told about themselves.

But it never got developed.

I remember showing the team the new onboarding design we created and everyone was really excited about it. But unfortunately, our product team did not have the bandwidth to build this out. Instead, they were offering to build out internal tools to help our team automate specific processes in our workflow

Unfortunately, these internal tools were not quite as impactful as they were intended to be.

At the end of the day, me and my team were stuck with the same issues we’d had before. We couldn’t handle onboarding for as many customers as we wanted each month. Our onboarding process still took too long.”

A long onboarding process wasn't the only issue.

We shared multiple spreadsheets with each dealership and used emails, calls and texts to try and keep all stakeholders aligned. Unfortunately, this system limited the project capacity of my team. Each of my Onboarding Managers could only handle 15 onboardings a month"

The Solution

Kevin was drawn to Simplemnt's productized onboarding experience approach and early talks with Simplemnt's team were trending positively.

I became interested in Simplemnt because of the experience I was able to provide to my customers And then some more. Templates to help with repeatability, the ability to view all of my team’s inflight engagements, and to see where any of my customers were in their onboarding process.

We started working with the Roadster team in August of 2019. In September 2019, they piloted their first Productized Onboarding Hub with an actual customer. Fingers crossed. It worked. It worked really well.

It worked so well, that by October, Kevin’s team was rolling out Productized Onboarding Hubs for every new Roadster customer. Simplemnt became the standard for their customer onboarding experience.

The Results Today

Since implementing the best practices we recommend, the Roadster team has experienced returns that they had never imagined. The average go-live dropped to 16 days. Agent capacity grew at the same time from 15 to 40 onboardings a month.

The Onboarding Hub ensured all of us interacted with our customers in one place. That was really reassuring for me. It kept our onboarding quality consistent. We scaled our team’s capacity and speed without sacrificing the customer experience or having to increase headcount.
In April, we turned on roughly four times as many dealers as we ever have in about one-third the time it would have taken us without Simplemnt.

As of June 2020, 44 members across Roadster’s Sales, Success and Implementations team are using Simplemnt to onboarding their new customers.

Simplemnt even allowed us to cut down how long it takes to get a new Roadster Implementation Manager familiar and comfortable with our Customer Onboarding Process. I was able to ramp up a new hire to start working with new customers within six weeks of their start date.

As Roadster has grown, so has the size and complexity of their new customer engagements. This has prompted them to start leveraging Simplemnt’s template abilities to create tailored Onboarding Playbooks for specific customer segments.

Kevin and his team have just started to scratch the surface of the full capabilities of Simplemnt’s  Onboarding Platform. Just using our Onboarding Hub has had huge impacts on their customer experience. They’re now exploring how to unlock further value with our Actions Platform to automate internal-facing processes that impact their customer experience.

It’s a winning combination. A Customer Success team powered by Simplemnt onboards better, faster, and simpler than ever before.

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