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Roadster takes the express lane to reduce time to value

Sai Arora

Roadster is a commerce platform for car dealerships that turns buying cars in-store, at home, or on the go into an intuitive, modern, and efficient experience. They’re also one of our earliest customers. The team at Roadster is obsessed with helping the car dealerships they serve to create an incredible customer experience.

When we met Kevin Lorell, VP of Customer Success at Roadster, his team was experiencing the issues that come with giving customers a non-productized onboarding process:

Kevin: “Our onboarding process involved coordinating and gathering information from multiple stakeholders on our customers’ side. We shared multiple spreadsheets with each dealership and used emails, calls and texts to try and keep all stakeholders aligned. Unfortunately, this system limited the project capacity of my team. Each of my Implementation Managers could only handle 10-12 implementations a month.

Kevin: “I remember seeing this huge disconnect between the message we put out to our customers and what our own onboarding experience actually was. There was room for us to improve there and I really saw the potential in productizing our onboarding process.”

Roadster Team
The Roadster Onboarding Team

Kevin Champions Productized Onboarding at Roadster

Kevin was so bought into the idea of productizing onboarding, that he led an initiative to have a productized onboarding experience designed internally. Like everything about the Roadster brand, the experience was modern and elegant with a luxurious feel. It felt like a proper extension of their marketing and was congruent with the story they’d told about themselves.

But it never got developed.

Kevin: “I remember showing the team the new onboarding design we created and everyone was really excited about it. But unfortunately, our product team did not have the bandwidth to build this out. Instead, they were offering to build out internal tools to help our team automate specific processes in our workflow..”

Kevin: “At the end of the day, me and my team were stuck with the same issues we’d had before. We couldn’t handle onboarding for as many customers as we wanted each month. Our onboarding process still took too long.”

With pressure on Kevin from the exec team to figure out a way to expedite and scale onboarding - he needed to find a solution. And fast.

The Search Begins

Kevin looked at project management tools like Monday and Asana, but something was missing.
Kevin: “I was really bought into this concept - I think you call it an Onboarding Hub, right? Great, so I wanted that to create a single place for our customer stakeholders and team members to collaborate together.”

Kevin: “I became interested in Simplemnt because of the experience I was able to provide to my customers And then some more. Templates to help with repeatability, the ability to view all of my team’s inflight engagements, and to see where any of my customers were in their onboarding process.”

Before using Simplemnt, Kevin’s team of 5 implementation managers were running onboarding through a highly complex, but manual, system consisting of Google Sheets, Quip, and Salesforce.

Sound familiar?

They were getting onboarding done, but not without some issues

Each manager could only handle 15 onboardings a month.

Kevin: “I needed that number to get to at least over 25.”

Customer onboarding took an average of 6 weeks to complete.

Kevin: “One of the issues slowing down onboarding was that our customers weren’t always very comfortable with technology. Plus my managers have to wrangle multiple stakeholders within each customer organization. All of this coordination was handled over email, calls, and texts.”

Onboarding wasn’t trackable, teams weren’t aligned, and the process wasn’t ready to scale.

Kevin: “We’re in this great growth mode at Roadster but our onboarding just wasn’t ready to scale to support it. A large amount of my team’s time went into recollecting data we may have already captured in the sales process. Along with this, we didn’t always know which stage of the onboarding process our customer was in.

By the way, if any of this feels familiar, we should talk!

We started working with the Roadster team in August of 2019. In September 2019, they piloted their first Productized Onboarding Hub with an actual customer. Fingers crossed. It worked. It worked really well.

It worked so well, that by October, Kevin’s team was rolling out Productized Onboarding Hubs for every new Roadster customer. Simplemnt became the standard for their customer onboarding experience.

Time To Value Shortens for Roadster & their Customers

In November, Kevin’s team started to see some early results: a two week reduction in their average onboarding time.

Kevin: “The quicker onboarding time in November wasn’t game-changing. But it was good to see results quickly. I was expecting to get more out of the platform.”

One of the ways Kevin measures the success of his team is by surveying customers to get an NPS score.

Kevin: “Another good indicator in November for us was that our customer NPS score went up. I was interested to see what more we could get out of the platform.”

A few months went by. Kevin’s team continued to see their onboarding time get faster and faster. Their NPS score continued to increase then stabilized at a new high.

Kevin: “Things were looking good. I was hiring new team members. We trained them on our process within Simplemnt and even saw a slight reduction in how long it took for a new teammate to start onboarding new customers with confidence.

COVID Forces Roadster to Pivot to Fully Remote Onboarding

Prior to COVID, part of Roadster’s onboarding process actually happened in person - on-site at the dealerships.

Kevin: “COVID really threw a wrench in our process. We experienced the largest influx of new customers we’ve ever had. We had to adapt our process quickly to be 100% remote to meet this new demand. Simplemnt was instrumental in helping with the transition to a fully remote onboarding.”

As part of the new remote onboarding strategy, we helped Kevin create processes to move his sales and customer success team onto Simplemnt as well.

Kevin: “In a way, COVID forced us to get aligned. Now, when a dealer gets towards the later part of the sales process, they’re automatically given an Onboarding Hub to help guide them through next steps. Our sales to success handoff is smoother than it’s ever been.”

Using Simplemnt, Roadster was able to transform their onboarding process into a remote-first experience, remove silos between their sales and success organization, and create a single-source-of-truth for every customer’s onboarding experience.

These are all best practices, we recommend to every customer by the way.

That’s when the results really started. The average go-live dropped to 16 days. Agent capacity grew at the same time from 15 to 40 onboardings a month.

Kevin: “The Onboarding Hub ensured all of us interacted with our customers in one place. That was really reassuring for me. It kept our onboarding quality consistent. We scaled our team’s capacity and speed without sacrificing the customer experience or having to increase headcount.”

Kevin: “In April, we turned on roughly four times as many dealers as we ever have in about one-third the time it would have taken us without Simplemnt.”

Kevin Achieves Speed and Scalability With No Compromises

As of June 2020, 44 members across Roadster’s Sales, Success and Implementations team are using Simplemnt to onboarding their new customers.

Kevin: “Simplemnt allowed us to cut down how long it takes to get a new Roadster Implementation Manager familiar and comfortable with our Customer Onboarding Process. I was able to ramp up a new hire to start working with new customers within six weeks of their start date.”

As Roadster has grown, so has the size and complexity of their new customer engagements. This has prompted them to start leveraging Simplemnt’s template abilities to create tailored Onboarding Playbooks for specific customer segments.

Customer Onboarding Simplified

Kevin and his team have just started to scratch the surface of the full capabilities of Simplemnt’s Productized Onboarding Platform. Just using our Onboarding Hub has had huge impacts on their customer experience. They’re now exploring how to unlock further value with our Actions Platform to automate internal-facing processes that impact their customer experience.

Our one promise to you is that Simplemnt will make your customer onboarding process simple. It’ll make it simple for your customers and for your sales, success and implementations teams.

It all comes down to getting everyone aligned through the Onboarding Hub. Then supporting each person in onboarding with tactful automation, actionable analytics, and repeatable playbooks that scale.

It’s a winning combination. A Customer Success team powered by Simplemnt onboards better, faster, and simpler than ever before.

We know B2B SaaS growth can be hard. Let our team at Simplemnt make your onboarding simple. If you’re ready to productize your onboarding experience, let Simplemnt be the solution you consider first.

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