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How B2B Client Onboarding Automation Can Save Time and Increase Efficiency

Sai Arora

How B2B Client Onboarding Automation Can Save Time and Increase Efficiency

As the saying goes, you only get one chance to make a good first impression. This is true in personal relationships, but it also applies to the business world. When you start working with a new customer, they begin forming an impression of you based on your company's onboarding process. 

If this process is clunky, involving a series of steps or a flurry of third-party logins, you risk frustrating new customers right out of the gate. This can lead to churn, bad reviews, and lost revenue. Fortunately, onboarding automation can streamline your onboarding process, relieving stress on your team and keeping your customers happy. Here's how onboarding automation can transform your SaaS company’s customer onboarding process. 

Your onboarding process could be hurting your bottom line

First, it helps to understand where traditional methods of customer onboarding fall short. Without automation, onboarding can be a messy, disorganized, and multi-step process. New customers get handed off from one department to another, and they might spend days waiting to get shuffled along to the next step or team member.

This can take days or even weeks, wasting the customer's time. Worse, it leaves them with a bad impression. If onboarding is this lengthy and time-consuming, what will the rest of the customer experience be like? In a worst-case scenario, a business loses a client before they get a chance to deliver their product or service. 

According to the Harvard Business Review, it's up to 25 times more expensive to acquire a new customer than it is to retain an existing one. If customers are souring to your brand in the very first stages of working with you, it can affect your bottom line and maybe even your ability to keep your doors open. 

Onboarding automation can transform the way you do business 

Onboarding automation benefits new customers and businesses alike. Here are some of the ways it can completely transform the way you do business. 

Save time

Time-saving is one of the key benefits of onboarding automation. When you onboard new customers manually, you often have to pass them around from department to department, waiting on each team member to send an email or get in touch. This typically results in a lot of back-and-forth that can slow you down and turn off customers to your brand.

Simplemnt can speed up client onboarding by 50%, letting new customers get everything done in one place. This improves your business's time-to-value metric by shortening the period between your customer signing the contract and seeing the first benefit of working with you.  

Improve accuracy

When you automate your client onboarding, you have the ability to do it the same way every time. This means nothing slips through the cracks.

Gather helpful data

Is something about your client onboarding process not working? Is there a step you can eliminate, or a new component you should add? Automation lets you analyze your onboarding process so you can enhance and improve it.  

Increase customer satisfaction

Your customers chose you because they like what your business offers—not because they want to go through a laborious onboarding process. In other words, good client onboarding should be quick and painless, allowing your customers to focus on your unique product or service. 

How Simplemnt can help

With Simplemnt, you can automate your customer onboarding process, keeping customers happy and letting your team members concentrate on delivering your service or product rather than worrying about messy spreadsheets, slide decks, or project management tools. 

Activate new customers faster

Onboarding automation guides new customers through your onboarding process, giving each new client their own personalized pathway to a rewarding experience. By automating with Simplemnt, you can share and collect necessary documentation, set up scheduling, and foster collaboration with everyone on the team—and you can do all of that with a single link. 

Ease the burden on your team 

When you automate the client onboarding process, you give everyone on your team a central location for managing new clients. This helps you do less with more, eliminating the need for multiple team members to manage the various aspects of bringing new clients on board. With Simplemnt’s automated onboarding, you can see where each customer sits in your process, giving you the ability to unblock stuck customers and intervene when needed. 

Automate follow-up

By opting for automated onboarding with Simplemnt, you can schedule follow-up emails in advance so you’re never at risk of dropping the ball and falling behind.  

Segment your onboarding

Does your business serve more than one type of customer? Automated onboarding gives you the ability to create various templates for each customer segment you serve. Simplemnt lets you personalize the process according to different segment needs, adding tasks and making changes on the go to ensure every customer has the right kind of experience. 

Give Simplemnt a try for free

Ready to see how onboarding automation can help your SaaS business and your customers thrive? Get a 30-day free trial and see firsthand how onboarding automation from Simplemnt can transform the way you do business. 

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