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Your customers get lost between your onboarding spreadsheets, meetings, emails, slide decks, and project management tools. This delays time-to-value and increases churn.

Make it simple with one place to get everything done: task management, stakeholder engagement, training, and complex data onboarding. No 3rd party tools or logins required.

Activate new customers 50% faster and reduce churn from day one with an end-to-end onboarding experience that acts like an extension of your product.

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"We turned on roughly four times as many Dealers as we ever have in about one-third the time it would have taken us without Simplemnt.”
Kevin Lorell
VP of Customer Success
Louis Chan
Head of Sales
We just onboarded a customer in two working days. Holy smokes! The fastest we’d ever done it without Simplemnt was 21 days.

Activate new customers faster

  • Guide customers through your onboarding process

    Provide every customer with a personalized roadmap to success. Share and collect documents, assign tasks, manage scheduling, and collaborate with all stakeholders with a single link.

Turn your team into proactive superstars

  • A birds eye view of all customer onboardings

    Give your team one place to manage all of their customer onboardings. Identify potential issues, unblock stuck customers and provide a proactive onboarding experience.

  • Do more without increasing headcount

    Powerful automations and notifications help your team take on more projects at once without increasing headcount

Keep everyone on track

  • Automate your follow-up

    Smart emails and reminders go out on your behalf to prevent tasks from falling behind. Say goodbye to "Following up on my last email..."

Perfect Onboarding Experiences. Everytime

  • Templates for every segment

    Drive predictable onboarding success with templates for each customer segment you serve.

  • Personalize every customer's experience at scale.

    Add tasks and make changes on the fly to support every customer's unique use case.

Simplemnt works where you are

We play nice with other best-in-class tools using our open API and native integrations
Google Drive
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How is Simplemnt different than a project management tool?

Your customers never feel like they’re using a seperate tool to onboard onto your product when they use Simplemnt. Instead, they are taken through a guided onboarding experience that feels like an extension of your native product. There's no need for your customers to create 3rd party accounts just to manage your onboarding process or share information with you.

Is engineering required to set up Simplemnt?

No. Our no-code editor makes it easy for anyone to create and scale a productized Onboarding experience. You can even change the look and feel of your experience to match your branding. We want Simplemnt to feel like an extension of your product - make it your own.

Will this really help reduce my customer time to value?

Yes. Simplemnt users start seeing results immediately after they start using it with their customers. We've seen processes that took weeks get reduced to hours.

Can I really replace my onboarding spreadsheets with this?

Absolutely, and don’t worry. We can help you transform your complex process into a set of Customer Playbooks. Simplemnt can support even the most complex B2B SaaS Onboarding process.

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